Monday, 4 March 2013

Wu Tang Vs Beatles - Run
Hello everybody, hope you had an awesome weekend. Got an amazing combination for yea today, WU-TANG CLAN and the Beatles. This album came out a few years ago, but I found it a few months ago. There are few things more awesome than the Beatles or Wu-Tang on their own, but producer TOM CARUANA was able to    bring these two very different musical experiences together into a very cool final piece. The album uses basic BEATLES melodies and tunes and the backing for a eclectic choice of WU-TANG songs. The song RUN utilizes samples from I AM THE WALRUS, from the 1967 album THE MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR. The song is a great pump up song about running from the cops (something I, as a small white kid knows A LOT about!!).

"So I run through the alley, when I come through the block
Runnin' so fast, you would think I'm chasin' the cops
Right in broad daylight, in the middle of winter
I can't go to jail, my mother cookin' chicken for dinner, damn!"

The album is very listenable, but then again how couldn't it be with the combination of two of the biggest names in their respective genres?!?

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