Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Coyote Kisses

Greetings fellow mammals,

Got another sweet suggestion for you all, I discovered while procrastinating at the library, COYOTE KISSES. A duo out of Lakeland, Florida, these guys have put out some massive tracks including an awesome STAR WARS remix and some fantastic original tracks. My favourite track is a remix of SEVEN LIONS Days to Come, which won a remix contest hosted by the amazing label MAD DECENT. They have a really funky sound, falling somewhere between the techno/disco/dubstep/house genres, they make great use of original keyboard samples in order to make some big room bangers. With a very complimentary sound to PROTOTYPERAPTOR, they are self discribed as:

"Imagine if Apollo 13 made a successful lunar landing. Except this time, they had a disco ball. And electric guitars." --- Coyote Kisses

Keep an out out for their new EP, coming out sooooooooon!

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