Monday, 11 March 2013

RL Grime Mix 
Happy Monday Everybody!

I know everyone is excited to start a new productive and studious week...but in lue of that nonsense, I have a great mix to listen too! The most recent DIPLO AND FRIENDS mix, RL GRIME is a rising star in the instrumental hip-hop/ trap music scene, with a couple of massive hits out right now, including MERCY and the BENNY BENASSI mix of SATISFACTION. He is definitely a leading named in the genre and continues to break ground with this awesome hour long mix. It incorporates some HEAVY trap tracks along side new hip-hop by the likes of KENDRICK LAMAR and A$AP ROCKY amongst others. RL GRIME keeps the whole mix fresh and interesting, while dropping some of the most ear fuzing, brain melting trap to date. Turn the headphones to max or crank the subwoofer for this one yall, its RL GRIME in the mix for DIPLO AND FRIENDS, available for free DL!

1 comment:

  1. Listened to this again on a run, still unbelievable!