Tuesday, 5 March 2013

John Fullbright

John Fullbright is folk singer from Oklahoma who out out a debut album, FROM THE GROUND UP, last may. That album was play pretty much 24 hours a day for the several weeks in December when I happend upon him during end-of-the-year-list-season on NPR Music. John has made serious waves, going from a regular spot at a bar in Oklahoma to being nominated and performing at this years Grammy's.

His album is absolutely beautiful, packed with a variety of different songs and moods to keep the listener engaged the whole album through. Fullbright definitely has a mellon-collie persona, which gives his slower songs a much more genuine and introspective vibe. For anyone who's every experienced unrequited love, an all to common theme in most teenager's lives, the song ME WANTING YOU is an absolutely beautiful piece. Listening to it myself, i found that my interpretation of the song developed and manifested with my own relatable experiences. At first, it acts like a companion to your loneliness, a empathic shoulder to lean on. But as you work past your feeling, the song takes on new meaning, Fullbright reveals the irrationality of the emotions and Fullbright becomes friend who helps you move on. "This is not reflection, reflection is true. This is just me, me wanting you."

But as I said, there are lots of different emotions invigorated in this album. MOVING is a fantastic, upbeat, driving song. FAT MAN is a strange at first, but insightful political commentary. SONG FOR A CHILD is a gorgeous song remarking on the lasting love a parent has for their child. Theres also a lot of Christian references and imagery in his songs, portraying an unconventional stance for a country singer from Oklahoma to have. Fullbight is a tallent piano and guitar player, providing a nice mix of instrumentals on the LP. FROM THE GROUND UP was definitely in my top 10 albums from last year and I would highly recommend it to any folk-lover!

His sound-cloud has a bunch of new tracks and I'll post a link to the song ME WANTING YOU


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