Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Fossil Collective

Yoyo, got a folk band for everybody today from Leeds, England. Duo Johnny Mulroy and Dave Fendick started this group in 2010 after their old band, VIB GYOR broke up. In that time, they have put out three EPs and have their first LP, TELL WHERE I LIE, scheduled to come out on April 8th. The guys have a very cool sound, combining guitar and piano seamlessly to underpin the etherial, airy and soulful vocals.

Something like a combination of JAMES VINCENT MCMORROW, THE FRAY and THE ANTLERS, the result is a wonderful melodic and relaxed sound, perfect for the library! The are able to covey a lot with a minimal amount of things going on. I'll post a couple of their EP's below (the second one is a free download!) and keep an eye out, April 8th, for their upcoming album!

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