Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Powderfinger - Odyssey Number Five
POWDERFINGER is an Rock band from Brisbane, Australia. They've been together since 1989 and put out seven studio albums in that time. My friend from high-school Sammy Bertram showed me them, who discovered them though his larger than life Tasmanian step-dad. ODYSSEY NUMBER FIVE is an awesome album from 2000 which really exemplifies their sound. The track LIKE A DOG always reminds me of OASIS' FUCKIN IN THE BUSHES off of STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS, also from the year 2000. With a dirty guitar riff and gruff vocals it is sure to get you bippin and a boppin. MY HAPPINESS is the single off the album, another great OASIS-like track and MY KIND OF SCENE is a slower, emotion-packed track. POWDERFINGER is a great early 2000's Pop-rock band, grouped in with the OASIS, MATCHBOX 20 and OUR LADY PEACE kinda vibe. I always get excited when these guys show up on my itunes, definitely worth a listen.

My Happiness:

Like a Dog:

My Kind of Scene:

You can get the whole album here:[AAC_320kbps_VBR]

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