Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Nas - Illmatic

One thing I want to do with this blog is include some classics. Now anyone who knows hip hops knows the 1994 Nas album ILLMATIC but for those who don't, you should. It was reissued this past December, which brought it back into my regular circulation. Illmatic captures the time and context of its creation better than most albums I've ever heard. Nas was raised in Queens, New York in the biggest public housing complex in North America. Illmatic was his debute album, written while he was in the mists of the problems of a young black man in the projects (Comin' out of Queensbridge). Nas raps about that problems facing him in this chaotic and seemingly miserable setting. But despite the hardness of Nas' roots, ILLMATIC conveys an optimism for the future, which you can clearly hear on THE WORLD IS YOURS. Nas' exceptional lyrical content didn't stop him from working with some of the smoothest beats to grace hip hop. This album exemplifies Golden Age hip hop and one of the best rap albums of all time. If you don't know this album, do yourself a favour and get it immediately. For those familiar with ILLMATIC, do YOURSELF a favour and listen to it again, trust me you wont regret 40 minutes of sheer bliss.

Here's a link to my favourite song on the album, LIFES A BITCH and a cool re-edit by VANILLA



Get the whole album here:


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