Thursday, 28 February 2013

Gentlemen Husbands
Bonjourno everybody. Got another great band for everyone to check out called the GENTLEMEN HUSBANDS. These guys are straight out of Cobourg Ontrario and have been playing all over Ontario, opening for some big names like the HEADSTONES and the ARKELLS. I first saw these guys opening for the HEADSTONES and got to meet them after their set. They are four of the nicest guys you'll meet, each one really excited and dedicated to their music.

The guys have just head to Nashville actually to start production on their next album which will hopefully be coming out this year. They already have a couple EP's out called SOMETHING ALONG THE LINES OF "A LESSON IN UNPROFESSIONALISM" and MIRROR DOLL BUSINESS. Their sound is rock-folky, and supported by some serious talent. Lead singer DERRICK BALLARD has some wonderful gruff rock vocals, and guitarist RYAN HUTCHESON rips into some impressive solos in many songs. Drummer  DAN FARRELL can play some serious drums and JED ATKINSON keeps her all together on bass. I love keeping up with these guys and cannot wait until their new album is released!

Check out their soundcloud (with some free downloads!) and their Facebook for news and info!

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