Sunday, 16 March 2014

Greyscale 03/16/2014

Another edition of the Greyscale is available to listen off of CRFC's website here 
This week features a more electric feeling set-list, with tracks from the new Bloc Party EP, Ratatat and Phoenix. We also got some A Tribe Called Red for you all, who are playing in Kingston this week on Wednesday in the Queen's ARC! Tickets available at Brian's Record Option, so go pay Brain a visit and grab your tickets while you still can!

Chromatics - Into the Black (Neil Young Cover)
Flyin' High - Delicate Steve & Dustin Wong of Pony Tail
Bloc Party - Obscene 
Chad VanGaalen - Inside the Molecules
David Bowie - Heroes
Jai Paul - Str8 Outta Mumbai
Polica - Tiff (ft. Justin Vernon)
Ratatat - Alps
Pretty Lights - One Day They'll Know (ODESZA Remix)
Bago - I Forgot You (Wet Paint Remix)
Phoenix - 1901 (DILD Remix)
Diplo - Horsey (A Tribe Called Red Remix)

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