Monday, 8 July 2013

Artist Profile - Tallest Man On Earth

Picking favourites has always been difficult for me. Food, movies and especially music. And although the question "who's your favourite band Tim?" often results half-hour conversation with me with no real answer, I can confidently say The Tallest Man On Earth is one of the most important artists in my life. Kirstian Matsson's music has been an every present part of my life ever since a friend told me about him when I was 16. Since then I've had so many amazing memories that have now been attached to his music. Music for me is often about your current emotional state, but it also can bring back memories of other ones. When I hear the Tallest Man on Earth, especially in summer, it conjures the calming feeling of the sun warming my face as I napped on a rock by the lake for a whole day, or exhilaration of driving on a road-trip with friends and being totally free. Those memories are now fused with the sensation of the music. \

The Tallest Man on Earth is an incredibly talented musician. He utilizes a wide variety of open tunings, creating weird and wonderful strumming and finger picking, similar to Joni Mitchell  He is also an fantastic banjo player. The most, lets say... noticeable, feature of Matsson's music is his vocals. Its like a combination of Bob Dylan and Tom Waits and Keith Richard's lungs. To some, its a turn off, but to fans in like beautiful and honest. His lyricism and metaphorical and profound,  and is intimately connected to the natural setting of Matsson's home in Sweden.

The Tallest Man on Earth has three albums, all of which I love, as well as two fantastic EP's. He is an artist that is always mentioned when I am recommending music. Here's some tasty tunes from the tall man himself!

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