Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Detroit Cobras - Life, Love and Leaving

Great band I learned about at work last week, the garage rock and cover band The Detroit Cobras. Their 2001 album Life, Love and Leaving has made me an instant fan of the group. Led by their badass female singer Rachel Nagy, The Detroit Cobras cover rhythm and blues songs from 50’s and 60’s. The songs all relate to the themes of album’s title, ranging from melancholy songs of loss, like the Irma Thomas song “Cry On”, to get-up-and-dance numbers like “Right Around The Corner” by The “5” Royals.

Nagy is able to covey a remarkable amount of feeling into each song, forcing the emotion of the song onto the listener. Nagy sounds like a more soulful version of Best Coast singer Bethany Cosentino, with a rockier supporting cast as well. The two guitarists on this album, Mary Ramirez and Dante Aliano are another big reason I enjoy this album so much. They maintain the bluesy style of the songs originals, while still spicing them up with heavier garage rock effects.

This is a really cool album because it provides a fresh and exciting take on older music, which is often neglected today. With badass female musicians, tons of soul and emotion as well as playing classic R & B songs, what isn’t there to like on Life, Love and Leaving.

You can listen to the whole album by following the Grooveshark link below:

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