Monday, 27 May 2013

Fun. - Aim and Ignite

Almost everyone is familiar with the chart topping songs We Are Young and Some Nights. Fun.'s success since the release of its 2nd LP last February has been astonishing. Despite the band's success, many music critics found the album to be overplayed to exhaustion. I found that after a few months, hearing We Are Young coming on made me cringe a little bit. This type of reaction seems strange, especially seeing how the band put out one of my favourite albums ever only a few years ago.

Fun.'s first album Aim and Ignite is a sing-along album by nature. Every time I listen to it I can't help but belt out rousing choruses of "All the pretty girls on a saturday night!" or "Take your time  coming home". The album isn't said to be a concept album, but it feels like one. The fusion of pop-rock with a broadway musical style, presents a collection of songs with themes relating to growth and maturity. Personal identity, love and loss and learning are all themes that are woven into the lyrics of the songs on Aim and Ignite. Its an amazing road trip album, belting out songs along the long stretches of open highway is a fond memory I have associated it. For anyone who has taken an anti-fun. stance, based solely on their impressions of Some Nights, I recommend listening this album.

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