Monday, 1 April 2013

Mina Knock
Hey guys,

This weekend (while procrastinating my numerous essays) I spent plenty of time looking up new music! One of the highlights was finding a young LA Hip-hop artists called MINA KNOCK. He is relatively new on the scene, with only one EP and another half dozen or so songs on his soundcloud, but he has developed his own unique style of rapping and producing. Building on both old and new school conceptions of Hip-hop, Knock describes his style as:

To me hip-hop, is a dying brand… Something I’m trying to revive. I don’t want to bring the old school back but I don’t want to join the new school either. I’ve got my own style, I got my own team and we got our own swag. Im sure you can hear a little bit of all the greats in the shit I’m creating. I’m here to make music that’s relevant, and the Hip-Hop that I’m making is art.” 

He has a wonderfully refreshing flow to his raps coupled with melodic production. His lyrics feel much more genuine and intelligent that a lot of the (often hilarious) new rap out there today. His song I NEED YOU is unquestionably my favourite, combining a beautiful female vocal chorus with honestly desperate verses pleading with the girl he loves but can never have (who hasen't been there right?). Check out his THE DOOR MUST BE CLOSED AT ALL TIMES EP as well, available for free DL!

EP link: http://m

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