Tuesday, 19 March 2013

WAVVES - Afraid of Heights

Hi everyone,

Exciting new music for you from California band WAAVES. These guys are a fantastic surf pop/punk/rock band with two amazing albums already out and a new one, AFRAID OF HEIGHTS, coming out March 26th! NPR Music has a early stream of the album (which is located at the bottom of this post), where you can hear the new album in full! WAVVES are getting a fuller sound, moving into actual studios and improving the quality of their recordings without compromising the iconic WAVVES sound. BEST COAST, another surf pop band that are close friends with WAVVES had a similar motion to a more refined sound, but in my opinion, lost the sound which made them unique. WAVVES have been able have their sound evolve and still feel honest and true to what the music is about. Check out the new album below!


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