Thursday, 21 March 2013

Farewell to Jason Molina

Jason Molina was an Ohio born artists who died last week from alcohol related organ failure. I hadn't heard about Jason, who also performed under the the name Magnolia Electric Co., until people started posting obituaries and messages about his death. I listened to some of his work after and was blown away! Falling somewhere between Neil Young and Elliott Smith, Molina's songs are chalked with intimate emotions, personal confessions and observations of human nature. An incredibly talented guitarist, his songs often go into long, rolling solos and riffs which add to the atmosphere of the music. Obviously a very tortured soul, he is able to cut straight to the heart of the listener and express himself clearly and intelligently. I have only scratched the surface of Jason's discography, but be assured I am going to explore this weird and wonderful artist throughly. I just wanted to pay some respects to a man who dedicated his life to making music. I would suggest everyone take some time to listen to some of Jason's music. For more on him, check out the Drowned in Sound link below!

Drowned In Sound Article:

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