Thursday, 28 February 2013

Belle and Sebastian
Ola! This post is about a serious favourite of mine, BELLE AND SEBASTIAN. Glasgow natives, they got their start mid 90's and have released eight awesome studio albums since. They have a unique sound, focusing on the personal and often out-of-the-ordinary lyrics of leader singer STUART MURDOCH. There is a distinct perspective of being an outsider looking in, MURDOCH's lyrics often describe his confused attempts to understand everyday life. One of the most topics in BELLE AND SEBASTIAN songs are long bus rids, office relationships and romantic strife. PITCHFORK TV recently put out an hour long documentary about the band and the recoding of IF YOUR FEELING SINISTER, definitely worth checking out (below).

BELLE AND SEBASTIAN are the kind of band that I can put on at any time and instantly be completely involved in the music. What makes them amazing is the weird and wonderful ways of looking at life and love. Sometimes it makes you cry, other times life, but I always find myself completely and utterly emotionally invested in every song. I've had many days where I've put on one song and found myself listening to three of four albums in a row. I really recommend listening to these guys album by album, because each one is a piece of art in itself. You can listen to a song below or get their whole discography (I love every album!).

If you find yourself caught in love:


Pitchfork TV documentary:

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